About Us

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Who are we?

Tannare is home to some of the finest and toughest leather goods made in Texas. At Tannare, we strive to create modern products that reflect the history of our saddle making background and family roots. As a third-generation owner, Francisco Figueroa has made it his goal to ensure that the character, longevity and value of Tannare’s products are always intertwined. leather-tools As a manufacturer, Tannare uses the highest quality American leather to handcraft bags, wallets, belts, holsters and custom designs. We refuse to use outsourced materials and only use the best American materials available. By doing so, we can assure you that our resilient and durable goods are a prime example of the “American made goods” standard, especially when designed and hand-crafted by our experts.

We are lovers of the good ol’ USA.

We are men and women of Texas.

We are patriots.

We are Tannare Leather.


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